Stian222 is my FB page and my YouTube is stian222 as well.  Check em out if you're bored.  If you're here now there is a good chance you are.  Ha!  This website used to be a place for me to put my headshots and resumes for acting but I haven't been acting for many years now.  I stopped when I decided to build a bar* in the West Village of Manhattan back in '06.  Now it's kinda hard to get the mojo back.  I'm still pay my SAG dues cause hey, ya never know. Plus it's a great union.

I also used to love creating and updating websites.  In fact I used to run about 10 sites back in the day.  Back when html was just html and there was a great little app called Claris HomePage that made editing a breeze.  Now I hate it and there are no good solutions for the non-proffessional. Thsi one doesn't eeven have a spell cheque.  Ha friggin ha.