What is a Bearatarian?

Bears are opportunistic by nature.  

Bears are primarily herbivores but will eat anything that comes their way.  They pivot quickly to pescatarian when the salmon are running and won’t turn down steak if that’s what’s in the picnic basket.  They don’t like to see food go to waste. 

     As a Bearatarian I prefer a vegan diet but will pivot quickly to pescatarianism when someone suggests sushi.  I will eat my daughters leftovers even if it’s a few bites of a burger.  If I were invited to someone’s house for dinner and they are serving chicken I will not turn it down.  When I’m on my own and buying food for myself I gravitate towards fresh veggies.  


I came up with this on my own around early 2022 when I realized I didn’t fit neatly into any of the standard diet definitions out there.  Everyone I tell it to seems to like it.  Now, how to market it?  Write a book about it?  It’s not that complicated.  It would be more like a pamphlet.  😂 

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